Affordable Orthodontics for all.

Medi-cal/Denti-cal accepted. Please call for a free consult.
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Welcome to Pacific Family Orthodontics

We strive for a great patient experience, great customer service, and clinical excellency.
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Our Treatment Options

Each patient receives a custom treatment plan that suits their needs.
Digitally Designed Replacement Retainers. Cost effective solution for short term plans. Low Downpayment.
Traditional Braces
The classic orthodontic solution comes in silver, gold or clear.

The invisible look while straightening your teeth without the braces.
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Meet The Doctor

Dedicated to providing the results you want and need.

Dr. Andrey Gaiduchik

I believe in being flexible with people and working one on one with people to get them the result they want. Everyone has different needs and different goals, and therefore everyone gets a custom plan. I pride myself in achieving great results that will last a lifetime. It’s always exciting seeing people get changes and feeling confident with themselves. Meet The Team

Affordable Orthodontics For All

Medi-cal/Denti-cal accepted.


Please come in for an evaluation to see if your treatment could be covered by Medi-cal insurance.

Flexible Payments

We offer free consultations, low down payments, and monthly payment plans that will suit your needs.
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