First Visit

Please call for a free consultation and we will schedule an appointment to get your records taken and a visit with the doctor. At that point you will be presented with several options on discussing your treatment and your progression.

Virtual appointments are also accepted, please click on the widget to get started!

Initial Paperwork

We have partnered up with OrthoFi to process all information online! Prior to your consultation, we will ask for your email and you will receive information on how to fill out your paperwork online, on your phone if you like!


We will take a couple records to discuss your Smile Plan.

Discuss Your Treatment with the Doctor

Flexible Payment Options

For Medi-Cal Patients

Please make sure your Medi-Cal is current. We will take records and have a consultation with the doctor. To qualify for Medi-Cal coverage you must meet their criteria. If the doctor determines that you meet their criteria, we will submit your case to Medi-Cal for evaluation and approval.

Financial & Insurance Information

Treatment costs can vary widely, depending on the patient and case. We accept all major insurances, Medi-Cal, and Care Credit. We also offer flexible payment plans and low down payments. Please keep in mind that all treatment plans are customized for each individual and associated costs depend on the severity of necessary treatment.

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